Westpac Appoints Executive for Customer

In a time of unparalleled scrutiny, Australia’s second largest bank by market capitalisation, Westpac, has created a new executive of customer and corporate relations and appointed Carolyn McCann, according to mortgagebusiness.

Part of Westpac’s vision is to ‘be one of the world’s great service companies’ and with the recent appointment, Westpac Group CEO, Brian Hartzer noted:

“Appointing a group executive to oversee our customer resolution teams, alongside our corporate affairs and sustainability functions, is an important step in meeting our commitment to delivering superior customer service.

“We are committed to running Westpac in a way that is fair to customers and supports them over the long term. And while we’re making good progress on our commitment to ‘get it right’ in the first place, it’s also important that we ‘put it right’ for our customers when things go wrong.

“It’s clear that in a number of instances we have been too slow in resolving genuine customer issues. This is not good enough. Customers have a right to expect fair, timely and effective resolution if they believe they have a concern or complaint.”

This quote/excerpt & article was sourced from mortgagebusiness. For full article, click here.