NSW Life Hack – New “Slow Down” Traffic Rule

If you are driving in NSW, you need to be mindful of a new rule coming in place this Saturday, 1 September.

The “Slow Down” rule requires drivers to reduce the speed to 40km/h when driving past a stationary emergency vehicle displaying blue or red flashing lights (Police cars, ambulance or fire-brigade).

The new rule aims to protect workers and volunteers that help in emergency situations, and are many times, exposed to risk whilst doing their jobs.

Motorists that fail to abide the new rule will receive a fine of $448, and lose 3 demerit points from their driver’s licence.

The rule will be in a 12-month trial period, during when NSW Government and NSW Police will evaluate its impacts.

So, if you’re driving this weekend, be aware of the new rule and help protect workers who look after the ones in need. 🙂


Read more on NSW Government website.