Meet the Team: Rebecca Tait, Digital Strategist and Distribution at Lodex

Behind is a team of dedicated, passionate and extremely knowledgable people. We would love to start to share a little bit about each of our team, what makes them tick and how they work hard to empower you through Lodex.
Meet Rebecca Tait, our Digital and Distribution Strategist, Bec has a lot of experience bit in the finance industry and works with our lenders and brokers to provide you with the best experience possible.
1. How long have you been in the industry? 
I have been in Financial Services for over 15 years and had the pleasure of working with a number of iconic brands Mortgage Choice, LJ Hooker, AMP, Plan Australia, NAB, Westpac, to name a few.
2. Why do you love the industry? 
It is an industry that has a unique blend of large corporates and small business, and both have teams working hard to provide financial/credit advice to everyday people to get them closer to their life’s goals, whether that be purchasing a home, going on a much needed holiday or car finance.
3. Why do you work with Lodex? 
As a business and digital strategist I have worked with over 500 mortgage brokers in the past 5 years and every single business, regardless of being a sole trader, medium brokerage, sub aggregator or franchise, all are searching for a lead solution.
Lodex is Australia’s first online loans and deposit marketplace where the customer has access to some of Australia’s most experienced financial service providers and these same Financial Service Providers have the choice of customer. It’s the first platform that empowers everyone that participates.
4. Any advice to people looking for loans? 
Be smart, don’t waste your time going into a bank branch or broker office where hours of your time will be consumed with limited options. Sit back in comfort and log on to Lodex, post your request on the Lodex Marketplace and let the experts showcase their know-how.
Banks might only have one product suit to offer you, and some brokers might have a limited number of lenders that they work with. Lodex Marketplace gives you the ability to access what’s available in the market without the headache. Most people don’t realise there are over 40 lenders just in home loans and additional lenders in car and personal loans.
5. Advice to lenders and brokers on the platform?
With over 32 thousand customers already signed up to Lodex, there is ample opportunity for brand exposure and customer acquisition that is cost effective to other lead generation platforms and less labour intensive due to the technical features available in the Financial Service Provider Portal.
3 Fun Facts about Rebecca
1) Bec speaks conversational Japanese
2) Bec’s allergic to most fruit and vegetables
3) Bec’s first job when she moved to Sydney from Brisbane was with an Investment bank where she used to process the trades for the day via a telex machine!
Check out Rebecca talking about her work at Lodex: