Life Hack – 3 Tips to Boost Your Productivity

Happy Monday all.

Now, we all know it can be overwhelming on a Monday to see our huge to-do-list. So to kick off the week we collected three tips to help you master your task list and have a super productive week.


•    Learn the art of saying ‘no’.

It’s this simple – you can’t do everything. You don’t have the time or the energy to continue to say yes to everything that pops up. It’s okay to be selective on how you want to spend your time and not overload yourself with a million different tasks, that you won’t complete to your full potential. Instead choose tasks that contribute to your end goal so you can focus your energy and intentions on those.

•    Use technology to your advantage.

Instead of letting technology and our devices take control of our life, teach yourself more about digital discipline. For some people, putting their phone or laptop aside for hours or days can create more stress and anxiety than relaxation. Instead, does it make you feel better to simply take a few minutes to go through your emails and flag what you need to do? Doing this may put your mind at ease so then you can continue on with your day in a more mindful matter.

•    Learn how to manage your energy not your time.

It’s incredible how much you can achieve when you’re energised. Whether it’s after a yoga session, a good night’s sleep or after working on a project that you love, we are so much more productive when we’re feeling good about ourselves. Start to understand how and when you work your best. Is it in the morning after a nourishing breakfast and a gym session? Or after your lunch break? Plan your ‘heavier’ tasks at those moments in the day where you have more energy. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll get through, in an efficient manner.


We hope you enjoyed these three tips. Do you have any other tricks?

Do share them with us 🙂

Article originally published on Wellness Daily, 3 simple ways to boost your productivity this week.