In the Media: The Platform Putting You in Control

Up until recent times, if you were looking for financial products you would probably find yourself in the dark – no visibility of your credit score or data. Well, we believe it’s time to give you the information you need to get on top of your finances.

The Big Smoke shared the below story on how the Lodex marketplace can help you get back in control of your financial life.

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In finance, there are forces that you cannot see, nor predict. Often, it is the client that is left disempowered. Lodex changes all that.

There are forces at work in global finance that you can neither see nor predict. Factors involving the actions of foreign governments, shifts in socio-economic policy, market forces, and even something as simple as the weather can have an impact on how an individual’s financial state ends up.

You have to place a lot of trust in those who handle your financial needs – it’s the risk you take when you embark on a journey where significant amounts of money are involved. Unless you’re managing your own financial affairs full-time, the onus has to be on someone else. A loan applicant, or investor’s subsequent disempowerment seems to have become par for the course.

This was, and seems to have always been the case… until now. Through the introduction of the Lodex model, suddenly it’s the clients who are empowered and in the driver’s seat. Through their groundbreaking processes, Lodex introduces a new concept which puts you rightfully in control of negotiations with lenders and brokers.

Data, according to Lodex founder Michael Phillipou, is key. Through the use of a developed algorithm which analyses 12,000 “data points”, Lodex is able to take this data, and with it, make predictive decisions. It’s through this process that you’ll gain greater financial inclusion – no longer are you mandated to follow the whims and decisions of the investment manager; through their direct involvement in the process, the client can become involved, and in as much, empowered. The Lodex model also offers strong business development potential to smaller lenders and brokers.

Lodex represents an industry-first, in that it is a loans and deposits marketplace, which lets Australians interested in getting into the personal loan space take back control of their financial choices. Their artificial intelligence-powered system automatically collates the customer’s relevant information, and then places that loan up for auction. Bids come in from loaners and loan brokers making offers, and it’s the customer who chooses. Lodex is the industry leader in offering this radical kind of alternative. Instead of being at the mercy of the lenders, the lenders and brokers are bidding for our business. Even just having had that opportunity for people like my mother would have allowed her a sense of confidence about her negotiation power.

What has always been the case of the client being “subservient” to the lender need no longer be the case. Lodex can help by providing anonymous information, which is then assessed – and the applicant is now the one in control of the transaction.

Lodex’s platform was launched with the aim of breaking down those obstacles which Australians face every day when it comes to finance, through the instigation of a reverse-engineered market structure. Banks and brokers can essentially “bid” for the client’s business. This new system has turned the whole process on its head and brought about a more level playing field in the lending process.

It’s through Lodex’s platform that clients are able to exist in a a transparent marketplace. This efficient, tech-friendly solution enables clients to save time, and with it the ensuing trouble, and find themselves more readily able to save money. With an impressive record in helping secure the very best deals for their clients, Lodex boasts of a staff roster of principals who are not only professionals at the top of their game, but ones with close to unparalleled experience in global finance.

Getting a foot in the door has always been that “one small step” that seemed all but insurmountable for many would-be home owners or investors in the community. Lodex can bridge the gap and make the dream more of a reality for more Australians.


Thanks The Big Smoke, Lodex – The platform putting you in control