Give Some Good Friend Karma

We all know at least one, two, three or even quite a few more friends or family who could use some tools and tips to help them manage their finances.

Why not share your secret of

Invite three friends to join the Lodex platform, and if they create their profiles, you could get a $25 eGift card. And if one of them then goes onto auction their loan or deposit needs on the Lodex Marketplace, you can get an extra $25 eGift card. 

It’s all cost and obligation free.

If you’re already a member, just login to your account and go to “Refer a Friend” on your User Menu.

Send the link to your friends and family, sit back and the eGift cards could be heading your way. 😉

Everyone enjoys financial tools, insights and great rates. Invite your friends and good karma will continue to come your way.

Check out Andy talking you through the process. Lucky for you since this video we have made it even easier to refer and earn.

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