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Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card

Pay less, travel more

Save with 0% p.a. interest for 18 months on balance transfers, and earn Velocity Points



✔︎ Plus earn an additional 3 bonus Velocity Points on spend in the first 3 months


✔︎ Half the annual fee in the first year – that’s a saving of $65

✔︎ Get a $129 Virgin Australia Gift Voucher(spend criteria and T&Cs apply)

Is your credit card working for you?

A credit card is a flexible form of credit, 

which allows you to access your approved credit as and when you require it

and pay back the cost of your purchases (and any fees) after you make purchases.

Different credit cards have different features. 

Generally, credit cards with more complex features are more expensive than credit cards with no or few features.

This is an important factor to consider when determining which credit card is right for you.

                           For example, some credit cards enable you to repay within certain number of days to attract an interest free period, or may give you an interest free balance transfer period.

Other credit cards may allow you to collect loyalty or airline points.

Evaluate your options and needs before applying for a credit card.


If your existing credit card balance is high, or you don’t value the features of the credit card,

consider if a credit card offering a lower rate, or a zero rate balance transfer is suitable for you.

Always understand the terms of a credit card before signing-up.

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